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About Aeronautica MIlitare Lithuania

A style that identifies!

The history of our company goes back to ancient times. The company’s past is tied to a woven leather craft, and the present world is the exclusive right granted to the company by the Italian Air Force to use Italian Air Force decorative elements, marks and banners in the production of authentic and original clothing and accessories.

It is a resounding reminder to the world of military aviation of those times. At the same time, it not only covers true flight fans, but also those who are looking for a distinctive style, a solid identity and do not want to be disappointed with the products they wear. Aeronautica Militare Collezione Privata is the Italian market leader in color, giving the brand national and global uniqueness and originality.

All the decorations, badges and headlines featured in the Aeronautica Militare collections are original: those worn by Air Force pilots every day. For this reason, the Aeronautica Militare brand guarantees absolute exclusivity and authenticity.

The sense of belonging can also embody spirit and values. This happens in conjunction with Aeronautica Militare Collezione Privata. A new, fashionable brand is able to recreate the best idea of ​​the nation and its values.

Consistency, integrity, respect. Devotion, discipline and honor.

Aeronautica Militare – when passion is stronger than flying, you don’t have to fly!

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